Once a prospect has been exposed to provocative information in Step One of The Five-Step System and has received a full presentation in Step Two, he or she generally has questions. They need to have several things validated and that’s Step Three – Validation.

Remember, you’re asking people to change careers and, at the very least, change mindsets. Some may not have been exposed to leveraged income so that whole concept of unlimited earnings seems too good to be true.

Remember too that most of them have spent dozens of years trading hours for dollars. They want to believe you, but it’s hard. This is where your favorite upline leader is critical.

This third step will often make the ultimate difference between success and failure. Great prospects need to visit with those on your upline team who are actually doing what you’re asserting.

What makes our industry so wonderful is this — in every legitimate company, all distributors have the ability to track upline until they find a leader making the big checks.

More important, in every legitimate company these leaders are accessible to novice people who need them. That’s what MLM leaders are paid to do…support their new people with 3-way validation calls, tools and strategies.

I’ll never forget the excitement in my own life when I picked up my phone and called Richard Kall who was six levels above me and he answered the phone.

Richard was earning over a million dollars a year and was an industry author who had written a book called “The First Million Is the Easiest.”

The fact that he was willing to do 3-way validation calls with me, even though I was a brand new Distributor, spoke volumes about my new profession.

I was on his sixth level. He was in New York and I was in Texas. He was earning millions and I had never earned one check…but Richard was supporting me. Wow!

I knew I had found the right business. As soon as I started making the big checks, I did the very same thing for my people. Validation is about “giving back” the upline 3-way support you were given.

Occasionally I get calls from Distributors who have read my books or have heard my speeches and they ask me what they should do if they have no upline willing to help them or no upline making big checks.

Truthfully, I don’t know because I’ve never been in that situation. I sometimes wonder if I would have even succeeded without a great sixth-level upline like Richard Kall who was always available for 3-way Validation calls. Maybe not.

But every legitimate company has leaders who are both accessible and successful. That’s how companies grow and prosper.

Most people who fail in MLM do so because they picked a stupid company not because they are themselves stupid.

Unfortunately many of those people then spend the rest of their lives bad-mouthing our industry. So permit me one simple observation. Before you throw up your hands and give up, track upline in your own company until you find an unselfish big money leader willing to support you by conducting validation calls.

You probably have several in your upline team. If not, find a company that offers upline support before you decide that Network Marketing isn’t for you.

Step Four is Enroll…and it’s on the way in the next blog.

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