How to Start A Conversation with Propects

A question I’m frequently asked is: “How should distributors start conversations with prospects?”

The simple answer is – always start with a question that allows a prospect to describe his or her work. My favorite question is, “Just out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?”

Then I listen carefully to what they have to say. A quality person will always reciprocate by asking what I do … and that’s when the fun begins.

Sometimes I’m an “Emergency Retirement Planner.” Other times, I’m a “Unit Actuary.”

Either response will cause a prospect to become curious. Most will ask me what the heck a Unit Actuary is.

I simply point out that I help people compute the total effort required to retire in one, two or three years based on the number of units they need to fund their favorite retirement lifestyle.

I explain that a fisherman might only need two units in order to have a nice boat and fish several days a week, while a pilot who likes to travel may need six or seven units in order to fund a nice plane and afford fuel.

I end by explaining that my job is to compute unit needs and then help a person find a funding vehicle which will yield that number of units in three years or less.

Virtually all prospects will appear completely befuddled and most will ask what a unit is. In response, I simply tell them it’s a bit complicated, but one unit equals $10,000 a month for life with no principle drawing interest.

I tell them to check out and then I give them my home number and ask them to call me if they’re still curious.

Those of you who own the first four Holy Grail books and accompanying CDs know exactly what to do next.

Obviously, this is one of many strategies and applies to situations where you’re face-to-face.

Many distributors laugh when I teach them this approach, but I’m very serious. Some say they can’t possibly start a conversation that way and that’s perfectly okay with me. I’ve got a big pile of money and maybe when people stop making excuses they’ll get theirs.

In the meantime…how’s your approach working for you? Been to Tahiti lately?

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