How to Recruit Realtors into Your MLM Business

This is a very simple strategy – so simple anyone can do it. Do not deviate from this system.

Step One

Obtain a list of Realtors’ names and telephone numbers.

Step Two

Call one Realtor at a time from a landline.

Step Three

Identify yourself and ask them if they’d be willing to sell something besides real estate if they could triple their income in the first year.

Step Four

If they say “no” or argue, thank them politely and hang up immediately.

Step Five

If they say “yes” send them to or some other short enticing message that works and ask them to call you back if they’re interested in checking it out further.

Step Six

If they call you back interested, present your business opportunity in any manner you wish – face-to-face, or walk through a web presentation, or whatever works best in your company. Most companies provide a presentation booklet or web site presentation.

Step Seven

Repeat those six steps 30 times a day.

Do not worry about any details. You’ll become better with practice and within a couple of months you’ll easily sponsor one out of thirty Realtors who go through the entire process. It’s all a numbers game, just like any other form of sales, with one major exception…do it for a year or two and you’ll be sipping your favorite beverage on some exotic beach and jetting to Paris for Fois Gras and Crème Brulee.

How can I be so sure? Been there…done that.

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