To put this second step into perspective, here’s a review of the Five-Step System:

Step One: Expose Prospects to Intriguing Information (See previous blog)
Step Two: Present Your Whole Business Story (This blog)
Step Three: Validation (Next blog)
Step Four: Enrol (Next blog after Validation)
Step Five: Support (Next blog after Enrol)

Step Two, the Presentation, is the process of profiling your company, your products and your pay plan as clearly as possible in less than one hour.

The best environments for presentations aren’t generally high arousal/low frequency, but rather low arousal/high frequency.

A high arousal/low frequency strategy for presentations was popular in the past. We herded prospects into a room where they became aroused by music, peer pressure, crowd mania and some outside speaker who came to town to heal everyone’s financial woes. It was arousing but, like many personal power seminars, the arousal went away in 72 hours.

Human contact through personal, face-to-face bonding is still the best way to build long-term downline organizations. But it is not the best way to recruit new prospects.

High arousal peer pressure is not the best way to impart information to people who are serious about researching a business.

When people are exposed to an hour of new information, they retain about 20%. The advantage of a low arousal/high frequency presentation, is that prospects can review information multiple times until they understand it.

Even better, if they do become a distributor, they will stay with their business longer if their decision is based on facts rather than temporary emotional arousal.

The best means of presenting your business is through a short, comprehensive website with all the relevant facts or a DVD that covers the important information about your company in under one hour.

In-home meetings are still great, but most folks lack the time to attend one. The pace of life today is too hectic to accommodate that former strategy.

The key is to spend time with prospects on the phone as soon as possible right after they’ve reviewed the presentation. That follow-up contact is called Validation and it’s Step Three in our Five-Step System. Stay tuned, you’ll learn about that in the next blog.

If no one in your company has created a presentation landing page or DVD, do it yourself. If you think you can’t create one, track Upline until you find a leader who can and will do so. If you can’t find anyone in your Upline willing to help you and you refuse to create one yourself, it’ll be difficult to follow our system. That’s just the way it is. I’m sorry.

Can you still succeed in MLM and earn the big money without a presentation website or DVD? You bet. Many great leaders have offices and conduct regular presentations at those locations. Some have offices in their homes where they invite prospects for the presentation. Others travel all over the world delivering speeches to excited prospects. Many make a fortune that way. If that’s how you want to conduct your business… great.

Twenty-four years in this industry have taught me one important fact: prospects always ask themselves one important question when considering whether or not to do the business, “Can I do what this person is doing?”

Some will refuse to participate in your business if they think they have to lease an office in order to succeed. Some will feel as though their home is not “good enough” for presentations or may resent the idea of having to keep their home in “presentation shape” at all times.

Some will meet prospects for coffee and that works for awhile, but a steady diet of it doesn’t last.

Some prospects will decline if they believe that they have to deliver hotel speeches in order to succeed. (Public speaking is still the most frightening activity in the world to most people.)

But anyone can hand out a DVD or recommend a website and that’s what makes our presentation model so effective.

Prospects need to see that they can do what we’re doing. Even more important, they need to know that the presentation is both cost and time effective so that they can reach huge numbers of other prospects in a short time.

So that’s Step 2: Presentation. As I said earlier, next is Validation and you’ll have that tribal system in your hands very shortly. We just got another foot of snow and it’s too cold to go fishing or paragliding so I’m writing another blog today whether you like it or not.

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