How to Find True MLM Success

“No one over learned anything while talking.” – Mark Yarnell

I’m amazed at the number of calls I get from individuals who claim they want to be coached properly. Before I can provide them with any steps to success, many feel the need to launch into an in-depth description of all their failures and successes. I let them continue for five or ten minutes and then interrupt them by beginning to explain the systems that work. Usually I get less than a minute of dialogue in before they begin interrupting me with arguments about my ideas.

First, they make excuses about why they can’t call their warm market. Next, they challenge my shotgun recruiting or the wording in my cold market approach. Then they tell me why the Internet is the best lead generation system available.

On and on they go, ad nauseam. It’s easy for me to now understand what has allowed me to earn millions in MLM while most people jump from failure to failure. I simply called Richard Kall, asked him to mentor me, then shut up.

MLM Success in our industry often results from common sense. If someone in your upline is earning ten times as much as you, don’t waste their time with war stories about yourself.

Learn what they are doing and duplicate it. Either shut up, or keep talking and fail. Simple enough.

“ I am open and receptive to the coaching of my mentor.”

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One Response to How to Find True MLM Success

  1. Maurio says:

    I was always taught that when you’re around people that make more money than you then, you need to shut up and listen!