Okay, let’s start this Tribe. Based on the high traffic and positive comments about our last blog, I assume that many folks are interested in joining a community of ethical entrepreneurs. I also think it’s safe to assume that people are fed up with strategies that take them only part way to wealth.

So I think I’ll name our Tribe ATWTAHK which is an ancient Native American term which means All The Way To A Hundred K. ☺

Prior to talking about the first step in our Five-Step System for building your business, I need to make a preliminary point. In order to save you a great deal of frustration, I want you to realize that as many as sixty percent of all North Americans are not cognitively hardwired to do MLM. That’s just an estimate based on my 24 years of experience, but I’ll bet I’m fairly close.

In other words, approach ten people and six cannot succeed no matter how great your leadership. You can join Tribe ATWTAK and execute every strategy to perfection, but unless you are prepared to accept the fact that most people are not legitimate prospects, you’ll eventually quit or seek geographical cures (jump from deal to deal).

Some people get disgusted and quit our business and others jump around from deal to deal and one is just as self-defeating as the other. Eventually we must all come to terms with the fact that the majority of humans will not face the personal humiliation which comes with failure, and therefore will never rise to their full potential.

Success is just too much to expect from many people. That’s why you and I are free to earn all we want. If it were easy everybody in the whole world would simply join Amway and we’d all live happily ever after. Based on their recent TV ads, I think Amway would like us to consider that.

The Five-Step System for building your business includes the following steps which I will cover over the next few blogs:

Step One: Expose
Step Two: Present the Whole Story
Step Three: Validate the Information
Step Four: Enrol (Enroll is spelled with two ls in the US – enroll)
Step Five: Support

In this blog we’ll focus on how to execute Step One most effectively. The best way to get people through the five steps to MLM involvement, is to begin by exposing them to facts without bringing out their biases. Many people fail because they combine the first two steps, Expose and Present. They inadvertently give people too much information at the very beginning of their contact.

Prospects need to be exposed to rational facts which reinforce their current predicament and cause them to want to hear about your solution. If you tell them anything in the very first exposure step that will allow them to google you or your company…Poof! They’re gone. That’s because they have an inherent stereotypical belief about our industry that’s usually inaccurate.

If you give them anything except a generic exposure tool including but not limited to business cards, tapes, CDs, company websites, or e-mails which define your company or anything else that triggers a red flag…you blow perfectly good prospects right out the water.

We created a free, generic exposure tool two years ago on Feel free to use any or all of it for your own purposes. Leaders from many companies use that information. Some leaders have taken the information and created their own tools based on it. That’s great.

Just make sure that when you approach people the very first time, no matter how you do it, you don’t give away the farm. If and when they call you back, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to give them a full-blown presentation.

It’s all very simple. You are looking for people who want to make big money and when you find them, you expose them to generic facts which reinforce their need to act. When they call you back, you then present the business. How to do that will be the subject of the next blog.

My goal is to get you through all five steps by January 1st so that you can hit the ground running in 2009.

On January 2nd I will make a very important announcement. To my knowledge no one has ever done what I’m about to do – free of course, to our Tribe.

Now, stay tuned for Step Two: Present Your Whole Story

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