To conclude the blogs on our Five-Step System (Step 1: Expose Step 2: Present Step 3: Validate Step 4: Enroll Step 5: Support), I’m going to address both final steps: enroll and support.

Obviously, when a prospect is ready to enroll, there’s nothing complicated about the sign-up.

However, my system differs 360 degrees from many other leaders.

I always suggest that the prospect sign up on his or her own. I never three-way them into the company because I want them to take the initiative to do so. It’s a commitment test.

This worries some leaders who believe that new prospects should be slammed in before they change their minds. However, I’d rather them change their minds before enrolling than waste my valuable time after they have already joined and been processed. Those who quit before signing up do us a great service.

With respect to the last step – support, I have a simple rule. I spend a minimum of one hour with all new business associates making certain that they learn these five fundamental steps.

Then I make myself available 24/7 to answer all questions for the first 30 days. After the first-month honeymoon, I gradually back off from those who’re producing nothing.

Those who’re recruiting and retailing can always count on my support.

Remember, new distributors will never be as excited as they are in their first month. If they can’t sell a few products and recruit a few people in their first month, they probably lack either the skills or motivation to succeed.

Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

I support those who’re working.

So that’s it – the whole Five-Step System: Expose, Present, Validate, Enroll and Support.

See ya’ around campus.

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