Five Secrets to Becoming a Rich Networker

The Five Secrets of Becoming a Rich Networker Report is a series of excerpts from Volume 1 of Mark Yarnell’s 4-part book and CD series, “The Holy Grail of Network Marketing Collection.” You can find more in-depth information about each secret at

Network Marketing Secret # 1: Professionals Get Paid: Avoid Amateur Activities.

Secret Number One is simple, but not obvious. To become a Rich Networker you must choose to avoid amateur activities. Why? Professionals get paid. Amateurs do not.

Consider a few things you are not paid to do: You are not paid to visit with uplines or downlines. You aren’t paid to tell corporate executives how to price products.

You aren’t paid to conduct seminars, listen to CD’s, surf the web, compare pay plans with distributors from other companies, chat online, walk the dog, watch Dr. Phil, read the newspaper, trout fish, paraglide, cook, eat at gourmet restaurants, snow ski, argue with competitors, or talk on the phone with quitters.

There’s nothing wrong with those activities. In fact, we have mentioned many times that we have done. But let’s not be delusional. Those activities do not create Rich Networkers.

Rich Networkers are those who sell the most products and recruit the most people into their organizations. Every other activity is amateur. Not wrong. Not bad. Not stupid. They just don’t pay and they certainly won’t make you a Rich Networker.

Over the years, countless sincere people have called for my advice. Many have worked very, very hard for years and just cannot understand why they are Poor Networkers. I ask one simple, two-part question:

“How many people did you recruit today and how many products did you sell?”

When confronted by that one simple question, some folks become silent and others indignant. Some respond with statements like this: “Mark, give me a break. I called you for help because nothing I’m doing is working. My check is going down and I’ve had it!”

Okay, the solution is simple – you are paid to sell products and recruit people.

Always remember: Network Marketing professionals get paid. Amateurs do not.

Stay tuned for more secrets…

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