Finding a Passion in MLM

“Passion is more volatile than fossil fuels.” – Mark Yarnell

I had dozens of calls when an industry magazine printed a cover story profiling successful people who recently joined old MLM companies. Many wondered if the value of “ground floor” is a myth like the magazine blatantly asserted. People are confused about how anyone can join a 20-year-old company and still make money and carry MLM success. Well, it’s true, you can, but ground floor that has been around for a couple of years and is headed towards momentum can be even more lucrative.

Unfortunately in their article and leader profiles they failed to emphasize the fact that those who manage to succeed in a any company are in possession of a secret weapon not owned by the masses. It’s called passion. Armed with passion about any product or company, an average person can make millions with MLM businesses opportunities when in a great company. Conversely, get in on the ground floor of a future dynasty and unless you are passionate you’ll likely quit or fail. Passion is the great equalizer especially if you insist on joining an older company.

If you aren’t earning at least $10,000 a month in MLM once you’ve been seriously involved for 18 months, you’re not passionate. If you don’t wake up excited every day because you know you are going to get your product into people’s hands and dramatically change their lives, you aren’t passionate. And if you aren’t passionate – get involved in something that makes you leap out of bed each morning, shouting, “Thank You God For This Opportunity!”
When selling magazine subscriptions the goal is often to profile big, old companies with millions of distributors who will buy reprints of the article. That’s called capitalism.

But beyond the self-serving nature of appealing to huge date bases, I believe the magazine was right. You can even make money in a 30-year-old deal, armed with one attribute – passion! The leaders profiled in last month’s magazine could sell rabbit poop.

“I am passionate about my opportunity and I spring forth this week with mighty enthusiasm.”

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