Extraordinary Books. Intriguing Ideas. Fascinating People.

I’m launching three new blog categories that I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy. The new categories will demonstrate that the greatest rewards in Network Marketing are not only big money or free time. What I love most about our profession is the fact that it allows us to meet and form relationships with fascinating people, read great books and learn intriguing ideas. In fact, that’s what I’m calling these three new blog categories: Extraordinary Books, Intriguing Ideas, Fascinating People.

Through these three categories, I’ll provide you with a personal glimpse into my world – a window into my life that I hope you’ll find both stimulating and informative. Most of the time I’ll relate the topic back to Network Marketing.

Some of the people you’ll meet through the blogs are authors, but most are folks that may never write books or become celebrities, but they have great stories to tell and they have greatly enriched my life. Some are Networkers, others aren’t. What they all have in common is one simple thing – my life improved when I met them and for that reason I want you to meet them too and learn some new intriguing ideas.

These are people whom you would probably never meet unless you read my blogs. Thanks to Network Marketing I’ve got the time and opportunity to pay attention to some very colorful characters and authors. I’ve long believed that everyone is my teacher. I learn lessons from a lot of very diverse people because I pay attention to what they have to say. When you read my blogs, you’ll find some real nuggets of wisdom from these characters. I did.

I begin with a blog in the fascinating people category featuring a guy from the backwoods named Tim Meissner. Tim has made a small fortune in MLM, but he also hunts and fishes… not ducks and bass, but grizzly bears and fifty pound trout.

I don’t hunt, but I’ve spent a lifetime fishing and when he offered me the chance to pull in a fifty pound lake trout I figured he was nuts. Whoever heard of a fifty-pound trout? Halibut, sure. Trout, no way.

But Tim taught me two things – anybody can accomplish anything if they know where to go and what to do when they get there. Not long ago, I had no idea where to go or what to do to catch monster trout. In fact, a few weeks ago I didn’t think they even existed.

Look at the pictures below. We threw those trout back and caught several more, all of which we released. Not only do monster trout exist, but now I know where they are and how to catch them. Now I realize that they inhabit lakes all over the place and yet I didn’t even believe they existed a week ago.

Thinking about this in relation to Network Marketing, selling and recruiting are just like angling. There are big fish everywhere, but you can’t catch them if you’re trolling for little ones in the wrong places with the wrong bait.

And that brings me back to my very first point. One of the greatest rewards in Network Marketing is the fascinating people we meet. If it hadn’t been for Network Marketing I would have never met Tim, would never have learned from him and would never have caught a monster trout.

What an industry! What a lesson!



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