Excellent Sales Tools are Critical to Network Marketing Success

No matter how eloquent you may be, professional sales tools which are provocative and informative work when personal dialogue does not. They have a dual purpose. First, they provide information and excitement, and second, they serve to help you quickly sift through and find the right people.

Regardless of how shy or inexperienced you may be, mlm success is possible if you hand out the right tools to large numbers of people. Sales tools are the great equalizer in our industry. I’ve seen maids achieve millionaire status and mayors fail miserably all because they followed or ignored this concept. No matter how articulate, few networkers convince friends to change careers by attempting to persuade them to do so without proper tools that serve as a source of credibility and verification.

One of the most amazing facts about MLM is that many companies have become multi-million dollar dynasties without substantive products, adequate capital or ethical leaders. How did they do that? They prospered because they had extremely persuasive tools which convinced people to make emotional, uninformed decisions.

Some industry outsiders marvel about the fact that it’s possible for a little company with nothing but a mediocre long distance service or me-too type of supplement to build 300 million dollar revenues on
the strength of one particularly good audio or video recruiting tool. Others are impressed that new life can be breathed into a nearly dead company by the simple creation of an effective recruiting or product

The importance of an effective recruiting/retailing tool cannot be overstated. It’s especially critical to the person involved in an old and stable company or a brand new company. A casual stroll through
the history of our industry proves my point. Those organizations that continue to prosper decade after decade are led by individuals in the field who are constantly re-inventing the opportunity. Every few
years a new division emerges with brand new starter kits and new recruiting tools are initiated by the field leaders. The good news is that anyone with a little imagination can create a great set of tools – and
we’ll go into that further in my next post…stay tuned!

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