Do What Works

I’m astounded by the number of calls and emails we receive from people who ask us if they should continue doing things that don’t work or follow the strategies in our Holy Grail training. I’m serious. People are constantly indicating that what they are doing doesn’t work but they don’t want to offend their upline leaders. Others ask us if they should keep using bad lead lists even if they aren’t working. They admit that the leads are no good but since they paid good money for them, they feel they should continue to call them.

Folks, let’s get something straight. You’re in business to sell products and recruit people. You aren’t in business to baby-sit downline or pander to your upline. The question is always this: “Is this system working?” If it isn’t…stop using it. Pick one of our strategies that has already helped somebody earn millions of dollars and use it…if it works for you. We include nothing in our Holy Grail that hasn’t already worked for some millionaire.

Many years ago I was the recipient of The Greatest Networker In The World award. The only problem was, I wasn’t even close to that distinction. I’ve met men and women who have earned much more than me and many who have built much better organizations. But I’m pretty good at Networking and guess what I discovered when I got to the really big money. My best leaders did the business totally different than I did. Nobody really duplicated me but that’s okay. I applauded then for being entrepreneurial.

Great leaders in any upline encourage their people to grow, expand and succeed. Great leaders don’t get mad when their downline members show ingenuity and excellence. Nor are great leaders intimidated when members of their downline find systems like The Holy Grail of Network Marketing. Right now some of the best leaders in a dozen companies are suggesting that their people join our Holy Grail Team. They know this stuff works and they want their people to have every possible advantage.

There will always be people in every profession who are driven more by ego than values. Some are control freaks who are perfectly happy to earn less money so long as they can control everyone else and demand loyalty and allegiance. But you are an independent and your upline must earn your respect, not demand it.

So here’s my rule of thumb. You can make money working width and depth but you’ll never earn a penny working height. This business is not about being force-fed intellectual junk food or catering to the ego needs of those above you. It’s about giving your family what they deserve. Do what works and stop doing what doesn’t. Does that make sense? And just in case it doesn’t, let me make it crystal clear for you. If you order the first two volumes of our Holy Grail of Network Marketing and that information doesn’t help you at least triple your check in a couple of months, you would be silly to order the other twelve volumes. In fact, if volumes one and two don’t get you to 25 or 30 thousand a month pretty quickly, you may want to consider another profession…that is, if you’ve applied what we teach!

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