Washington DC “They came by Audi. They came by BMW. They came by limousine and by private helicopter. On a damp, drizzly fall day, tens of thousands of men and women from across the country converged on the mall in Washington DC for the first Million Millionaire’s March. The theme was sharing with others the struggle of being a millionaire in 21st Century America.

‘I know there are times when it’s hard,’ said Reverend Bertram Potter of Christ Church in Gross Pointe, Michigan. Some days you want to say the heck with NASDAQ and the museum benefits and the kidnapping insurance. But you’ve got to reach deep down inside yourself and find the strength to go on making money.’

The millionaires overcame many hardships to attend the march. Some had to actually pass up long-anticipated wine tastings. Others had to fly on commercial airlines.

The rally brought together a diverse group of millionaires from across the country some of whom had made their millions on Wall Street, others in technology and many in lobbying.

E. Bradley Hargrove, a millionaire from Sedona, Arizona attended with his ten-year old son Bradley Jr. who is also a millionaire.

‘I wanted to show my son what a tax bracket is all about. It’s not just about the Austin-Healey in the driveway and the second house with heated bathroom tiles. It’s about caring.’

As Tom Mannerling at New Canaan, Connecticut explained, ‘We have to support each other. We have to face the truth: You’re a millionaire. This is the hand life has dealt you. What you do with it is up to you.’”

The Million Millionaires March by Michael Rubinar

Michael Rubinar is a noted author who has written extensively for The New Yorker, GQ, New York Times and Rolling Stone. He has also written and produced a number of television shows.


As promised, I’ll sometimes share parodies with you, especially those which I find exceptionally humorous. This quote is from a series of essays found in a book of great contemporary humor entitled, “Mirth of a Nation,”edited by Michael J. Rosen. I found the notion of a millionaire support group particularly funny, especially given the huge number of millionaires in America. But underscoring the humor is a very sobering reality. Money is not always the best adult report card. It’s important to keep that in mind once you enter the field of Network Marketing because of the potential for such radical wealth. Enjoy the process because the destination will be far less exciting than you anticipate.

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