“Any handicap can be overcome by honesty, industry, thrift and concentration on one’s job.

If you will concentrate on one thing and know more about that one thing than anyone else in your vicinity, you at once become independent, irrespective of color, sex, health, poverty or any handicap.

This certainly is my belief, and I say so from experience.

The old saying, “There is plenty of room at the top” is truer today than any time in history.

Plenty of people have money and influence; college graduates are more common than bricklayers and plasterers; but the man or woman who knows one thing better than anyone else always wins in the end.”

Actions and Reactions by Roger W. Babson

One of the luckiest days of my life was the day that I discovered Roger Babson’s work.

Babson was personal friends with seven US Presidents, founded twelve companies and authored some forty books before leaving this world and taking his place among other geniuses relegated to the obscurity of historical footnotes.

The book from which I quote was copyrighted in 1935 and it was very difficult to find. Valerie gave it to me as a birthday present and his ideas continue to inspire me.

Two of his dear friends, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, considered him a man of immense intellect and character and I agree.

You’ll be hearing more from Mr. Babson as we continue these blogs on Daily Food for Brains. –Mark Yarnell


Statement of Purpose

If you’re new to this blog on Food for Brains, please be advised of my mission.
As an avid reader, author and concerned critical thinker, my goal is to provide daily food for the brain, not steroids for the heart. If it’s positive thinking you crave, please look elsewhere. My objective is to encourage self-reflection, not self-absorption. Mark Yarnell

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