“Growth doesn’t come from persuading the most loyal members of other tribes to join you. They will be the last to come around.

Instead, you’ll find more fertile ground among seekers, among people who desire the feeling they get when they are part of a vibrant, growing tribe, but who are still looking for that feeling.

I’m not talking about disaffected outsiders, I’m talking about people at the fringes, individuals who might jump from one thing to another with less angst.

Begin with the passionate individuals who haven’t been embraced by other tribes yet.”

Tribes by Seth Godin

Author of ten international bestsellers, Seth Godin is a great writer who first intrigued me with his book Purple Cow. It’s a masterpiece. So is his new book…Tribes.

When I read Tribes, the above excerpt leapt from the page and grabbed both my ears and shook my head like Mrs. Reimer used to do in the second grade. Why? Because I see the results of this behavior daily.

In our profession, people will do anything to find other Networkers including pay up to $5.00 for their names. Go figure.

My experience supports Godin’s premise. The best people in any sales organization are the wonderful people who were very hungry, highly coachable and inexperienced at the time they were recruited. People often ask who to recruit and my response is simple, “Anyone but MLMers.” Once a Networker has failed at ten deals, he’s an expert who is very difficult to train and virtually impossible to keep focused.


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