Create Your Own MLM Strategy

“Any system works powerfully…if you do.” – Mark Yarnell

Nearly 2 decades of networking have taught me that no one has the best mlm strategy. I still hear about why certain systems are better than others and why duplication is so important. Nonsense, especially when it comes to marketing strategies.

I know dozens of people who are all building dynasties and no two are using the same, identical exposure strategy. Some use ads, some use warm lists and some are on the Internet. But, regardless of their differences, the winners are spending countless hours a day recruiting new distributors. They aren’t acting like minimum wage babysitters trying to drag others across the finish line.

Winners don’t get stuck in the process of managing people. Nor do they build organizations for others. The reason America has become a nation of victims is that so many people refuse to accept responsibility and so many others are willing to do everything for victims.

If you want to run ads – great! If you want to join a lead generation program – great! If you want to create a website that builds prospects – great! But I’d like to offer you a little advice. Until you’re earning more money than you can spend, work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life to personally sponsor and train new distributors. Go wide fast!

And above all else, don’t ever let yourself become the lingering shadow of a formerly great networker by sitting around treading water, worrying about how to preserve a shrinking check. The fun of MLM business opportunities is the passion of the build – the excitement of the possibilities that lie ahead – the great feeling of exhaustion and voice loss at the end of ten hours of recruiting and doing three-way calls.

Any system will work if you passionately approach a dozen or more new prospects each day with the greatest opportunity in free enterprise. And if you don’t believe that describes your company – no system will work powerfully!

“This week I am emotionally invested and 100% committed again to the greatest opportunity in free enterprise… my own.”

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