Coming February 1st! Daily Quote – Food for Brains

Please remember an important strategic fact:

A person who does not read has absolutely no advantage over a person who can’t.

Beginning February 1st, I’ll provide you with a strategic advantage of priceless value. I’ll continue to cull through the most interesting books of our time and provide you with a provocative concept unknown to the masses.

Each daily quote will serve as “brain food” which is literally mental stimulation.

Over 90% of all people lack the time and initiative to read one book a year. By reading about five books a week, I occupy a unique position in the civilized world…a place where less than one hundredth of one percent of all people reside.

I hope some of you will purchase a few of the books from which I quote, but let’s be honest … most won’t. That’s why I’ll provide as much important strategic information in each quote as possible.

I’ll do so in an economy of words so as not to cause you any significant time drain.

I’ll offer little, if any, commentary of my own. I’ll simply provide a quote, book title, author and author’s credentials.

Because in each case I’ll have read the book in its entirety, I’ll base the quote on some thesis concept of strategic advantage to you…a microcosm of the entire book.

I don’t read books because they support my opinions, nor should you expect to always agree with the concept presented. You won’t.

I’m not sharing the quotes to advance any agenda, nor confirm your biases about any subject. I’m offering you an online strategic advantage that will challenge you to think.

I assure you that this compilation of quotes will be found nowhere else on planet earth, either in virtual or actual reality.

Read my quote each day for one month and see if your life is enriched. Enough said.

Quote one will appear on this site on February 1st. Check it out.

None will be archived beyond 24 hours so I suggest that you habituate yourself to a daily visit.

It takes me many hours to devour each book, so five minutes of your time is a small sacrifice.

And by the way…if a million people read these quotes every day and you’re one of them, you have a strategic advantage of over 99.999% of all human beings alive in 2009 who will never read one book or one of my quotes.

As my uncle Jimmy used to say, “How do you like them apples?”

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