Because You Want To Be!

Occasionally I flip open one of Larry Winget’s books like You’re Broke Because You Want To Be.

I do that to remind myself that it’s okay to tell the truth even if it makes some people uncomfortable. His books always comfort me after I’ve had several calls from people who tell me they just can’t succeed at MLM.

Winget reminds me that life is not necessarily made up of the haves and have-nots. In some cases it’s made up of the wills and will-nots. Sometimes I hear so many sad stories and excuses back-to-back that I begin to buy into them. In reality, most people need to stop rationalizing and start working.

Remember one important fact: in order to have what you’ve never had and get something you’ve never gotten, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Sacrifice has always been one of the cornerstone principles of success and I’ve found no exception to that rule among the dozens of wealthy Networkers I’ve interviewed for my books and articles.

Everyone paid the price necessary to succeed. No one ever lucked into $100K a month.

Wishful thinking won’t cut it. There is no “secret” to effortless wealth. You cannot expect to earn the big checks if you’re being mentored by those who haven’t.

Thousands have now joined our Holy Grail Associates Club and enjoy our free newsletter. Many have made the small sacrifice to purchase the first four volumes of the Holy Grail Collection, studied them and applied our strategies.

And guess what — not one of those people has called me to complain about problems and discuss how it cannot be done. The calls I get on a regular basis are from people who refuse to invest in their own education to learn how to build a profitable business.

Larry Winget’s book title, You’re Broke Because You Want to Be, offends some people. It will probably never sell a fraction as many copies as others that promise “secrets” and “shortcuts” to wealth, but I love his books because, just like me, Larry doesn’t make the rules. He just figures them out, plays by them and wins.

Radical Wealth in our great industry is about aligning our intentions with our actions. If you intend to succeed, I suggest that you act. And your first action should be to make certain that you and everyone in your downline visits

Had you taken that action a year ago, you could be reading this blog on a laptop in Tahiti, sipping a pina colada.

Where are you now?

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