Finally, a credible documentary by international award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller is available by simply visiting www.welltv.com and watching the DVD, “We Become Silent – The Last Days of Health Freedom.”

“I am releasing a 30 minute version of ‘We Become Silent’ because it is vital to engage the worldwide public about the dangers of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS,” said Miller. “If we don’t defend our health freedoms, they will be lost — and nothing would make the drug companies happier than to have free rein over our health.”

For over three years, I’ve been warning my fellow Networkers to either take action immediately or expect most nutritional MLM companies to be put out of business by Codex and the World Trade Organization.

Some of my closest friends rolled their eyes and others pretended that this was all just going to disappear like a bad nightmare. A few company owners asked me to shut up about Codex because it would scare their distributors. Others suggested that this didn’t apply to them because their companies are involved in distributing other products.

Those responses to my concerns are pathetic. Sorry folks, the silence must end. I believe Martin Luther King was right when he said, ”Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about things that matter.”

If your income matters to you and you’re in a Network Marketing company that distributes any form of nutritional beverages, vitamins, minerals, herbs or supplements, I pray that you’ll spend 29 minute watching this documentary.

I don’t care if you believe me…you better pay attention to the MDs, congressmen, congresswomen, scientists, and experts in this documentary.

If you’re as concerned about the future of our industry as I am, I strongly urge you to send this information to everyone you know.

The bottom line is this…our freedom has already begun to atrophy because of our own inaction. Slowly, sovereign rights fade away if we don’t act.

Codex will RUIN our industry and all Networkers must make this an issue. Contact your choice for President and demand that he makes health care freedom an issue.

We Networkers have 12 million votes in America and our voices will make a difference.

Your choice for President is solely your own, but I think it’s time to find out between Obama and McCain, which one is willing to stand up to Codex and the WTO and protect our personal freedom to use and sell supplements, natural health foods and functional beverages.

My next blog will provide a sample e-mail to send to your candidate for President. This Presidential election puts us in the perfect position to find out which candidate is willing to take a stand.

In France, the people ignored Codex while big Pharma and the WTO rammed it down their throats. One woman has been arrested for selling 500 milligrams of Vitamin C.

The time is NOW!

If you don’t act, your personal choice to use and sell supplements will soon be chipped away. Visit www.welltv.com and watch, “We Become Silent – The Last Days of Health Freedom.”


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