I am asked one question more than any other: “Given all your success, why would you start all over at your age recruiting and training new people into a new network marketing company?

My answer is always simple and truthful. I am just old fashioned enough to believe that after all these years of experience I have a moral responsibility to mentor others like the network marketing pro Richard Kall unselfishly mentored me.

Albert Einstein wrote something years ago that puts it in perspective: “Those with the privilege to know have the duty to act.”

Since 1986 I’ve lived the dream thanks to a ground floor network marketing opportunity and a dedicated mentor. I’ve commuted nowhere, had no boss or job and dealt with none of the stress that many people face each day. I’ve already experienced what most say they want and now it’s time to give you what Richard gave me.

It’s your turn to win and if you agree, provide your contact info and I’ll call you. Together we can decide if my company and strategies are a fit for you and your family.

You don’t have to figure out whether the owners of my network marketing business are ethical, the products are legitimate, the compensation plan is lucrative, or the timing is perfect. I’ve already handled all that for you. People in my position don’t pick silly network marketing companies at the wrong time. We just need to figure out if this is a good fit for you.

I must confess that I do have one advantage that can only come with time and experience. I no longer have to argue with candidates about whether we have selected the perfect MLM company or have exceptional network marketing training, tools, or skills.

You will have no difficulty researching my background in order to decide whether or not I have the skills and experience to mentor you. My network marketing background will become self-evident.

Here’s all I ask of you. Please don’t waste your time or mine if you are already succeeding in another MLM company and please don’t give me your contact information just to see if I will really call you. I will.

My family and I have enjoyed a wonderful life all because the right mentor in the right company rescued me at the right time with the right products. I’m offering you and your family exactly the same thing.

I’ve just thrown you a lifeline. The rest is up to you. Act now. Fill out the contact form and let’s talk about whether this network marketing opportunity is a perfect fit for you.

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